Znaleziono 87 Wyniki dla: Esau

  • And these are the sons of Oholibamah, Esau's wife: chief Jeush, Jalam, Korah. These are the chiefs of Esau's wife Oholibamah, daughter of Anah. (Genesis 36, 18)

  • These are the sons of Esau. This is Edom and these are their chiefs. (Genesis 36, 19)

  • These are the names of the chiefs of Esau according to their clans and localities, by name: chiefs Timna, Alvah, Jetheth, (Genesis 36, 40)

  • Magdiel, Iram. These are the chiefs of Edom according to their families and residence in the land that was theirs. (This is Esau, father of Edom). (Genesis 36, 43)

  • Give this command to the people: You are to pass through the territory of your brothers, the children of Esau, who live in Seir. They will be afraid of you, (Deuteronomy 2, 4)

  • but be very careful that you do not attack them because I will not give you even the parcel of land on which you stand. Know that I have given to Esau the mountains of Seir as a possession. (Deuteronomy 2, 5)

  • So we passed through the land of our brothers, the children of Esau who live in Seir. We left the Arabah road that led to Elath and Ezion-geber, and we took the road going into the desert of Moab. (Deuteronomy 2, 8)

  • And the Horites also used to live in Seir but the children of Esau drove them out, killed them and settled in their place, as Israel did in the land they possess and which Yahweh gave them.) (Deuteronomy 2, 12)

  • He did the same with the people of Esau who dwell in Seir. They destroyed the Horites and took possession of their land up to this very day. (Deuteronomy 2, 22)

  • We ask you to sell us food for money that we may eat, and water that we may drink. And let us only pass through as the children of Esau who live in Seir and the Moabites who dwell in Ar did for us, (Deuteronomy 2, 28)

  • And to Isaac, I gave two sons: Esau and Jacob. Esau received the mountains of Seir as his inheritance, while Jacob and his sons went down to Egypt. (Joshua 24, 4)

  • Abraham was the father of Isaac who had two sons: Esau and Israel. (1 Chronicles 1, 34)

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