Znaleziono 1091 Wyniki dla: Father

  • Suppose my father feels me? He will think I am making sport of him, and I shall bring on myself a curse instead of a blessing." (Genesis 27, 12)

  • So Jacob went and got them and brought them to his mother; and with them she prepared an appetizing dish, such as his father liked. (Genesis 27, 14)

  • Bringing them to his father, Jacob said, "Father!" "Yes?" replied Isaac. "Which of my sons are you?" (Genesis 27, 18)

  • Jacob answered his father: "I am Esau, your first-born. I did as you told me. Please sit up and eat some of my game, so that you may give me your special blessing." (Genesis 27, 19)

  • So Jacob moved up closer to his father. When Isaac felt him, he said, "Although the voice is Jacob's, the hands are Esau's." (Genesis 27, 22)

  • Finally his father Isaac said to him, "Come closer, son, and kiss me." (Genesis 27, 26)

  • Jacob had scarcely left his father, just after Isaac had finished blessing him, when his brother Esau came back from his hunt. (Genesis 27, 30)

  • Then he too prepared an appetizing dish with his game, and bringing it to his father, he said, "Please, father, eat some of your son's game, that you may then give me your special blessing." (Genesis 27, 31)

  • "Who are you?" his father Isaac asked him. "I am Esau," he replied, "your first-born son." (Genesis 27, 32)

  • On hearing his father's words, Esau burst into loud, bitter sobbing. "Father, bless me too!" he begged. (Genesis 27, 34)

  • But Esau urged his father, "Have you only that one blessing, father? Bless me too!" Isaac, however, made no reply; and Esau wept aloud. (Genesis 27, 38)

  • Esau bore Jacob a grudge because of the blessing his father had given him. He said to himself, "When the time of mourning for my father comes, I will kill my brother Jacob." (Genesis 27, 41)

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