1. Tobit, in an ecstasy of joy, composed a prayer: "Blessed be God, living and reigning for all ages.

2. It is he who punishes and he who has mercy; who makes people go down to hell and rise up again. No one can escape his hand.

3. Give him thanks, sons of Israel, before all the nations. Though he has dispersed you among them

4. he now shows you his greatness. Exalt him before all the living, because he is our God and Lord, our Father forever.

5. He punishes us for our wrongdoing but again he will forgive us. He will bring us together again from amongst all the nations among whom we have been dispersed.

6. If you turn back to him with all your heart and soul, and live justly before him, then he will turn back to you and will no longer hide his face from you.

7. See what he has done for you and return him thanks aloud. Bless the Lord who alone is just and praise the King of ages.

8. I, in the land of my captivity, will return him thanks and show his strength and greatness to my sinful people. Be converted, you sinners, and live justly before him, certain that he will be pleased with you and show you mercy.

9. I will praise my God the King of heaven; my soul, radiant with happiness, will proclaim his greatness.

10. May all in Jerusalem give thanks to him.

11. Jerusalem, holy city, God will punish you because of the sins of your children, but he will have pity once more on the children of the just. Jerusalem, return thanks to the Lord in a worthy manner and bless the King of the ages, in order that his Temple may be rebuilt in your midst with joy;

12. that, there, God will gladden your exiles and show love to the unfortunate.

13. Many nations will come from afar to celebrate the Name of the Lord God. They will carry gifts in their hands, gifts for the King of heaven. Generation after generation will manifest their joy, and your name will be glorified forever.

14. Jerusalem, cursed be all who hate you. Blessed forever be those who love you.

15. You will rejoice and be glad because the children of the just will be gathered again to praise the Lord of all ages.

16. Blessed those who love you, Jerusalem, and rejoice in your peace. Blessed also those who have sorrowed because of your calamities; they will rejoice again on seeing your glory and they will share your happiness forever. May my soul bless God, the great King,

17. because Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Her gates will be built of sapphires and emeralds, her walls of precious stones, her towers and ramparts of pure gold, her squares will be paved with mosaics of beryl, ruby, and stone of Ophir.

18. All her streets will cry out with joy and her inhabitants will shout, "Alleluia." They will praise God saying, "Blessed be God who has glorified you forever."

“O Coração de Jesus não deixará cair no vazio a nossa oração se ela for plena de fé e de confiança.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina