1. When they had finished eating and drinking they wished to go to bed, so they escorted Tobias to the bedroom where Sara was.

2. Tobias remembered Raphael's words. He took the liver and the heart of the fish which he had in a basket and put them on the hot coals of incense.

3. The smell of the fish made the devil flee to the upper regions of Egypt where Raphael chained him up.

4. When Sara's parents had left the room and closed the door, Tobias got up from the bed and said to Sara, "Get up, my sister, and let us ask the Lord to have mercy on us and save us."

5. She got up and they began to pray, asking that they be given life. Tobias began like this, "May you be blessed, O Lord God of our fathers, and may your holy and glorious Name be blessed forever. May the heavens and all creatures bless you.

6. You created Adam and you gave him Eve, his wife, as a helper and companion, so that from these two the human race might be born. You said: 'It is not good that man should be alone, let us give him a companion who is like himself.'

7. Now, Lord, I take my sister to myself in sincerity and love, not merely seeking pleasure. Have mercy on us and grant us a long life together."

8. Together they said, "Amen,"

9. and returned to bed for the night. Ragouel got up early and called his servants and told them to dig a grave.

10. For he said to himself, "What if this man should also die and we become an object of scorn and reproach."

11. Then Ragouel entered the house and said to his wife,

12. Edna, "Send one of the maidservants to see if Tobias is alive. If he has died, we will bury him without anyone knowing."

13. The maidservant opened the door and saw them asleep.

14. She then went to tell them that Tobias was alive.

15. Ragouel blessed the Lord saying, "May you be blessed, O Lord, with all pure and holy blessings. May the saints and all your creatures bless you. May all the angels and the elect bless you forever.

16. May you be blessed for having filled me with joy. What I feared has not happened, but you have treated us with great kindness

17. and have had mercy on these two who are only children. Have mercy on them, Lord, and give them your grace and protection so that they may be blessed with good health and great joy all their lives. May they always live in your grace."

18. Then he sent his servants to fill in the grave before daybreak. Ragouel organized for Tobias and Sara a wedding feast which was to last fourteen days.

19. He told his wife to bake a batch of bread. He went to the stable, brought out two oxen and four sheep and ordered that they be killed and prepared.

20. He then called Tobias and said to him, "You will stay here for fourteen days, eating and drinking in my house, and you will bring joy to my daughter, who has suffered so much." Ragouel swore an oath and told Tobias that he should not set out before the fourteen days of the wedding festivities were over. And he said, "You will go home to your father in safety.

21. You will take with you half of my possessions; the other half will be yours when I and Edna die. Have confidence, my son, I am now your father and Edna is your mother. From now on we shall be close to you and your wife. Have confidence!"

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