1. A false balance is abhorrent to Yahweh, a just weight is pleasing to him.

2. Pride comes first; disgrace soon follows; with the humble is wisdom found.

3. The honest have their own honesty for guidance, the treacherous are ruined by their own perfidy.

4. In the day of retribution riches will be useless, but uprightness delivers from death.

5. The uprightness of the good makes their way straight, the wicked fall by their own wickedness.

6. Their uprightness sets the honest free, the treacherous are imprisoned by their own desires.

7. The hope of the wicked perishes with death, hope placed in riches comes to nothing.

8. The upright escapes affliction, the wicked incurs it instead.

9. Through his mouth the godless is the ruin of his neighbour, but by knowledge the upright are safeguarded.

10. When the upright prosper the city rejoices, when the wicked are ruined there is a shout of joy.

11. A city is raised on the blessing of the honest, and demolished by the mouth of the wicked.

12. Whoever looks down on a neighbour lacks good sense; the intelligent keeps a check on the tongue.

13. A tittle-tattler lets secrets out, the trustworthy keeps things hidden.

14. For want of leadership a people perishes, safety lies in many advisers.

15. Whoever goes bail for a stranger does himself harm, but one who shuns going surety is safe.

16. A gracious woman acquires honour, violent people acquire wealth.

17. Faithful love brings its own reward, the inflexible injure their own selves.

18. Disappointment crowns the labours of the wicked, whoever sows uprightness reaps a solid reward.

19. Whoever establishes uprightness is on the way to life, whoever pursues evil, on the way to death.

20. Tortuous hearts are abhorrent to Yahweh, dear to him, those whose ways are blameless.

21. Be sure of it, the wicked will not go unpunished, but the race of the upright will come to no harm.

22. A golden ring in the snout of a pig is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.

23. The hope of the upright is nothing but good, the expectation of the wicked is retribution.

24. One scatters money around, yet only adds to his wealth, another is excessively mean, but only grows the poorer.

25. The soul who blesses will prosper, whoever satisfies others will also be satisfied.

26. The people's curse is on those who hoard the wheat, their blessing on the head of those who sell it.

27. Whoever strives for good obtains favour, whoever looks for evil will get an evil return.

28. Whoever trusts in riches will have a fall, the upright will flourish like the leaves.

29. Whoever misgoverns a house inherits the wind, and the fool becomes slave to the wise.

30. The fruit of the upright is a tree of life: the sage captivates souls.

31. If here on earth the upright gets due reward, how much more the wicked and the sinner!

“Por que a tentação passada deixa na alma uma certa perturbação? perguntou um penitente a Padre Pio. Ele respondeu: “Você já presenciou um tremor de terra? Quando tudo estremece a sua volta, você também é sacudido; no entanto, não necessariamente fica enterrado nos destroços!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina