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  • Then Reuben, going out into the field at the time of the wheat harvest, found mandrakes. These he brought to his mother Leah. And Rachel said, “Give me a portion of your son’s mandrakes.” (Genesis 30, 14)

  • taking the portions that they received from him. And the greater portion went to Benjamin, so much so that it exceeded five parts. And they drank and became inebriated along with him. (Genesis 43, 34)

  • except the land of the priests, which had been delivered to them by the king. To these also a portion of food was supplied out of the public storehouses, and, for this reason, they were not compelled to sell their possessions. (Genesis 47, 22)

  • But on the sixth day, they collected a double portion, that is, two omers for each man. Then all the leaders among the multitude came, and they discoursed with Moses. (Exodus 16, 22)

  • See how the Lord has given you the Sabbath, and, because of this, on the sixth day he distributes to you a double portion. Let each one remain with his own, and let no one go forth from his place on the seventh day.” (Exodus 16, 29)

  • From this, the priest shall burn, as a memorial of the gift, a portion of the cracked grain and the oil, as well as all of the frankincense. (Leviticus 2, 16)

  • And the remaining portion of the flour, Aaron shall eat with his sons, without leaven. And he shall eat it in the holy place, in the atrium of the tabernacle. (Leviticus 6, 16)

  • Among the sons of Aaron, whoever will have offered the blood and the fat, the same one shall also have the right shoulder for his portion. (Leviticus 7, 33)

  • And he took his portion from the ram of consecration, and he lifted up its breast in the sight of the Lord, just as the Lord had instructed him. (Leviticus 8, 29)

  • And the Lord said to Aaron: “In their land, you shall possess nothing; neither shall you have a portion among them. I am your portion and your inheritance in the midst of the sons of Israel. (Numbers 18, 20)

  • Therefore, Balak said: “Come with me to another place, from where you may see a portion of Israel, though you cannot see them all. Curse them from there.” (Numbers 23, 13)

  • To the greater number you shall give a greater portion, and to the lesser number, a lesser portion. To each one, just as they have now been counted, a possession shall be delivered. (Numbers 26, 54)

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