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  • And David said: “What is it to me and to all of you, O sons of Zeruiah? Why are you acting toward me this day like Satan? Why should any man be put to death on this day in Israel? Or do you not know that today I have been made king over Israel?” (2 Samuel 19, 22)

  • Now Satan rose up against Israel, and he incited David so that he would number Israel. (1 Chronicles 21, 1)

  • But on a certain day, when the sons of God came to attend in the presence of the Lord, Satan also arrived among them. (Job 1, 6)

  • Answering him, Satan said, “Does Job fear God to no purpose? (Job 1, 9)

  • Therefore, the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, everything that he has is in your hand, only do not extend your hand against him.” And Satan departed from the face of the Lord. (Job 1, 12)

  • But it happened that, on a certain day, when the sons of God had arrived and they stood before the Lord, Satan likewise arrived among them, and he stood in his sight. (Job 2, 1)

  • So the Lord said to Satan, “Where do you come from?” Answering, he said, “I have circled the land, and walked around in it.” (Job 2, 2)

  • And the Lord said to Satan, “Have you not considered my servant, Job, that there is no one like him in the land, a simple and honest man, fearing God and withdrawing from evil, and still retaining his innocence? Yet you have stirred me against him, so that I would afflict him to no purpose.” (Job 2, 3)

  • Answering him, Satan said, “Skin for skin; and everything that a man has, he will give for his life. (Job 2, 4)

  • Therefore, the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, he is in your hand, but even so, spare his life.” (Job 2, 6)

  • And so, Satan departed from the face of the Lord and he struck Job with a very serious ulcer from the sole of the foot all the way to the crown of his head. (Job 2, 7)

  • And the Lord revealed to me: Jesus the high priest, standing in the sight of the angel of the Lord. And Satan stood before his right hand, so as to be his adversary. (Zechariah 3, 1)

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