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  • The chief cupbearer explained his dream first. “I saw before me a vine, (Genesis 40, 9)

  • The chief miller of grain, seeing that he had wisely unraveled the dream, said: “I also saw a dream: that I had three baskets of meal above my head, (Genesis 40, 16)

  • The third day thereafter was the birthday of Pharaoh. And making a great feast for his servants, he remembered, during the banquet, the chief cupbearer and the chief miller of grain. (Genesis 40, 20)

  • And although he advanced with so much prosperity, the chief cupbearer forgot his interpreter of dreams. (Genesis 40, 23)

  • Then at last the chief cupbearer, remembering, said, “I confess my sin. (Genesis 41, 9)

  • The king, being angry with his servants, ordered me and the chief miller of grain to be forced into the prison of the leader of the military. (Genesis 41, 10)

  • Also, the leader of the military took away Seraiah, the chief priest, and Zephaniah, the second priest, and three doorkeepers, (2 Kings 25, 18)

  • we commanded that whomever Haman, who is chief over all the provinces, and second after the king, and whom we honor in the place of a father, whomever he would point out should be destroyed by their enemies, with their wives and children, and that no one may take pity on them, on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar of this present year, (Esther 6, 6)

  • But Simon, from the tribe of Benjamin, having been appointed as overseer of the temple, obstructed the chief priest, in order to undertake some kind of iniquity in the city. (2 Maccabees 3, 4)

  • And so, Eleazar, one of the chief scribes, a man advanced in years and of stately countenance, was compelled to open his mouth wide to consume the flesh of swine. (2 Maccabees 6, 18)

  • Therefore, the leaders were angry with Jeremiah, and so they beat him and sent him to the prison that was in the house of Jonathan, the scribe. For he was the chief over the prison. (Jeremiah 37, 14)

  • And all the rulers of the king of Babylon entered and were seated at the middle gate: Nergal-Sharezer, the priest of Nebo, Sarsechim, the chief eunuch, Nergal-Sharezer, the chief magi, and all the other rulers of the king of Babylon. (Jeremiah 39, 3)

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