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  • And the falling flower, the glory of his exultation, who is at the summit of the fat valley, will be like a premature fruit before the ripeness of autumn, which, when the onlooker beholds it, as soon he takes it in his hand, he will devour it. (Isaiah 28, 4)

  • In that day, the Lord of hosts will be the crown of glory and the wreath of exultation for the remnant of his people. (Isaiah 28, 5)

  • Thorn and brier will rise up, over the soil of my people. How much more over all the houses of gladness, over the city of exultation? (Isaiah 32, 13)

  • From the voice of the Angel, the people fled. And from your exultation, the nations were scattered. (Isaiah 33, 3)

  • Depart from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldeans! Announce it with a voice of exultation. Cause it to be heard, and carry it even to the ends of the earth. Say: “The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob.” (Isaiah 48, 20)

  • Behold, my servants will rejoice, and you will be confounded. Behold, my servants will give praise in exultation of heart, and you will cry out in sorrow of heart, and you will wail in contrition of spirit. (Isaiah 65, 14)

  • But you will be glad and exult, even forever, in these things that I create. For behold, I create Jerusalem as an exultation, and its people as a joy. (Isaiah 65, 18)

  • And this will be for me: a name, and a joy, and a praise, and an exultation, among all the nations of the earth who will hear about all the good things that I will accomplish for them. And they will be afraid and troubled over all these good things, and over all the peace, that I will accomplish for them. (Jeremiah 33, 9)

  • Rejoicing and exultation has been taken away from Carmel and from the land of Moab. And I have taken the wine from the winepresses. The treader of grapes will no longer sing the usual rhythmic chant. (Jeremiah 48, 33)

  • You have cursed his scepters, the head of his warriors, those who approached like a whirlwind so as to scatter me. Their exultation was like one who devours the poor in secret. (Habakkuk 3, 14)

  • And there will be joy and exultation for you, and many will rejoice in his nativity. (Luke 1, 14)

  • Also, they continued, daily, to be of one accord in the temple and to break bread among the houses; and they took their meals with exultation and simplicity of heart, (Acts 2, 46)

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