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  • And so Abraham arose in the morning, and taking bread and a skin of water, he placed it upon her shoulder, and he handed over the boy, and he released her. And when she had departed, she wandered in the wilderness of Beersheba. (Genesis 21, 14)

  • And she gave him the small meal, and she handed him the bread that she had baked. (Genesis 27, 17)

  • But God has taken our father’s riches and handed these to us and to our sons. Therefore, do all that God has instructed you.” (Genesis 31, 16)

  • And the cup of Pharaoh was in my hand. Therefore, I took the grapes, and I pressed them into the cup that I held, and I handed the cup to Pharaoh.” (Genesis 40, 11)

  • You shall keep the solemnity of unleavened bread. For seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, just as I instructed you, at the time of the month of new grain, when you departed from Egypt. You shall not appear empty-handed in my sight, (Exodus 23, 15)

  • he handed over to them all the donations of the sons of Israel. And while they were pursuing this work, the people offered what they had vowed each day, in the morning. (Exodus 36, 3)

  • May your sons and your daughters be handed over to another people, as your eyes watch and languish at the sight of them throughout the day, and may there be no strength in your hand. (Deuteronomy 28, 32)

  • And so, Moses wrote this law, and he handed it to the priests, the sons of Levi, who carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and to all the elders of Israel. (Deuteronomy 31, 9)

  • Then Joshua spoke to the Lord, on the day that he handed over the Amorite in the sight of the sons of Israel, and he said before them: “O sun, you shall not move toward Gibeon! O moon, you shall not move toward the valley of Aijalon!” (Joshua 10, 12)

  • And their father gave to them many gifts of silver, and gold, and valuables, with very fortified cities in Judah. But the kingdom he handed on to Jehoram, because he was the firstborn. (2 Chronicles 21, 3)

  • And so the fury of the Lord was stirred up against Judah and Jerusalem, and he handed them over to turmoil, and to destruction, and to hissing, just as you discern with your own eyes. (2 Chronicles 29, 8)

  • For we have not obeyed your precepts, and so we have been handed over to plundering and to captivity, and to death, and to mockery, and as a disgrace before all the nations, among which you have dispersed us. (Tobit 3, 4)

“Menosprezai vossas tentações e não vos demoreis nelas. Imaginai estar na presença de Jesus. O crucificado se lança em vossos braços e mora no vosso coração. Beijai-Lhe a chaga do lado, dizendo: ‘Aqui está minha esperança; a fonte viva da minha felicidade. Seguro-vos, ó Jesus, e não me aparto de vós, até que me tenhais posto a salvo’”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina