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  • Joseph lifted them from Israel's knees and he himself bowed low, his face to the ground. (Genesis 48, 12)

  • Joseph then took them both, Ephraim by his right hand to Israel's left, and Manasseh by his left hand to Israel's right. (Genesis 48, 13)

  • Israel raised his right hand and placed it on Ephraim's head, although he was the younger, and placed his left hand on Manasseh's head even though Manasseh was the firstborn. (Genesis 48, 14)

  • He blessed them that day in these words: "Through you Israel will bestow this blessing: May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh!" So he placed Ephraim ahead of Manasseh. (Genesis 48, 20)

  • Then Israel said to Joseph, "I am going to die. God will be with you and he will bring you back to the land of your fathers. (Genesis 48, 21)

  • "Gather round, sons of Jacob. And listen to your father Israel! (Genesis 49, 2)

  • A curse on their anger for it is fierce; a curse on their fury, so cruel! I will divide them among Jacob, and scatter them among Israel. (Genesis 49, 7)

  • Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. (Genesis 49, 16)

  • but his bow remained steady, and his arms nimble, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob; because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel; (Genesis 49, 24)

  • These are all the twelve tribes of Israel, and this is what his father said when he blessed them, giving each one a special and appropriate blessing. (Genesis 49, 28)

  • Then as Joseph had instructed them, his physicians embalmed Israel his father. (Genesis 50, 2)

  • Joseph then made the sons of Israel swear, saying, "When God comes to bring you out from here, carry my bones with you." (Genesis 50, 25)

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