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  • As the sun was going down, a deep sleep came over Abram, and a dreadful darkness took hold of him. (Genesis 15, 12)

  • When the sun had set and darkness had fallen, a smoking firepot and a flaming torch passed between the halves of the victims. (Genesis 15, 17)

  • The sun had risen on the earth when Lot reached Zoar. (Genesis 19, 23)

  • When he reached a certain place the sun had set and he spent the night there. He took one of the stones that were there and using it as a pillow, he lay down to sleep. (Genesis 28, 11)

  • Jacob then said, "Look! The sun is still high; it's not yet time for the flocks to be gathered together. Water the sheep and let them graze." (Genesis 29, 7)

  • The sun rose as he passed through Penuel, limping because of his hip. (Genesis 32, 31)

  • Joseph had another dream which he told to his brothers, "I saw the sun, the moon and seven stars bowing down before me." (Genesis 37, 9)

  • Every morning each one gathered as much as he could eat, and when the sun grew hot it melted. (Exodus 16, 21)

  • As Moses' arms grew weary they placed a stone for him to sit on while Aaron and Hur on either side held up his arms which remained steadily raised until sunset. (Exodus 17, 12)

  • If ever you take a person's cloak as a pledge, you must give it back to him by sunset, (Exodus 22, 25)

  • The width of the court on the eastern side facing the sunrise is to be fifty cubits. (Exodus 27, 13)

  • Fifty cubits, too, for the eastern side facing the sunrise. (Exodus 38, 13)

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