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  • In the morning he was uneasy and called all the magicians and wise men in Egypt. He told his dreams to them but not one among them was able to interpret his dreams. (Genesis 41, 8)

  • Now it is for Pharaoh to choose an intelligent and wise man and set him over the land of Egypt. (Genesis 41, 33)

  • And to Joseph he said, "Since it is to you that God has made known all this, there can be no one as intelligent and wise as you. (Genesis 41, 39)

  • Pharaoh then summoned wise men and magicians, and they, too, the magicians of Egypt, did the same by means of their secret arts. (Exodus 7, 11)

  • Thus, I chose from among the heads of your tribes wise and experienced men and placed them over you as leaders of the thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens, and also as secretaries for each tribe. (Deuteronomy 1, 15)

  • If you observe and practice them, other peoples will regard you as wise and intelligent. When they come to know of all these laws, they will say, "There is no people as wise and as intelligent as this great nation." (Deuteronomy 4, 6)

  • You shall not bend the law or show partiality. Do not accept gifts because gifts blind the eyes of the wise and subvert the cause of the righteous. (Deuteronomy 16, 19)

  • So he sent a messenger to Tekoa to fetch a wise woman and he told her this, "Please pretend to be a mourner. Put on mourning garments and do not perfume yourself with oil that you may look like a woman who has been mourning for several days for the dead (2 Samuel 14, 2)

  • Joab did this to disguise the purpose. But my lord is as wise as an angel of God, knowing all things that happen on earth." (2 Samuel 14, 20)

  • Then a wise woman called out from the city, "Listen! Listen! Tell Joab to come here that I may speak to him." (2 Samuel 20, 16)

  • Now therefore, you, being a wise man, shall not hold him guiltless. You will know what to do with him: his blood must be shed before he dies of old age." (1 Kings 2, 9)

  • I shall grant you your request. I now give you a wise and discerning mind such as no one has had before you nor anyone after you shall ever have. (1 Kings 3, 12)

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