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  • you shall kill by the sword all the inhabitants of that city. You shall curse the city and all that is in it, even the animals. (Deuteronomy 13, 16)

  • These are the animals that you may eat: ox, sheep, goat, (Deuteronomy 14, 4)

  • Of all the animals that live in the water, you may eat the following: all that has fins and scales, (Deuteronomy 14, 9)

  • You shall deal with Ai as you have dealt with Jericho and its king. But you may take possession of the plunder and all the animals. So now, prepare an ambush behind the city." (Joshua 8, 2)

  • Samson went out and caught three hundred foxes, took some torches and tied the animals tail to tail. He then placed a torch in between every two tails, (Judges 15, 4)

  • The kings of Israel, of Judah and of Edom had been going around for seven days, and there was no water for the soldiers and for the animals that followed them. (2 Kings 3, 9)

  • Joash king of Israel sent back word to Amaziah king of Judah, "The thornbush of Lebanon sent a message to the cedar of Lebanon, saying, 'Give my son your daughter in marriage'; but the wild animals of Lebanon trampled the thornbush down as they passed. You are very proud because you have defeated the Edomites - Boast on but stay at home. (2 Chronicles 25, 18)

  • The priests were too few, however, and could not slaughter all these animals, so the Levites helped them until the work was done and the other priests were sanctified; for the Levites were more educated than the priests regarding the requirements of purification. (2 Chronicles 29, 34)

  • Kill the animals for the festival, sanctify yourselves, and be at the disposal of your brothers in acting in accordance with the word of Yahweh which was spoken through Moses." (2 Chronicles 35, 6)

  • Josiah then provided for the use of the people, lambs and kids from the flocks to the number of thirty thousand, all as Passover offerings for all who were present, and three thousand bulls as well; all these animals came from the king's possessions. (2 Chronicles 35, 7)

  • They put aside the animals for the burnt offering and distributed to family groupings of the lay people, giving to each his offering to Yahweh, as is written in the Book of Moses; they did the same with the bulls. (2 Chronicles 35, 12)

  • Our firstborn sons and the firstborn of our animals, as it is written in the Law, the firstborn of our cattle and sheep we will set aside for the House of Yahweh and for the priests who serve in the House of our God. (Nehemiah 10, 37)

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