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  • Then from the midst of the four living creatures a voice was heard: "A measure of wheat for a piece of silver, and three measures of barley for a piece, as well! Do not spoil the oil or the wine." (Revelation 6, 6)

  • When he opened the fourth seal, I heard a cry from the fourth living creature, "Come!" (Revelation 6, 7)

  • Then I heard the number of those marked with the seal: a hundred and forty-four thousand from all the tribes of the people of Israel: (Revelation 7, 4)

  • The sixth angel blew his trumpet. Then I heard a voice calling from the corners of the golden altar before God. (Revelation 9, 13)

  • The number of the soldiers on horses was two hundred million; this is the number I heard. (Revelation 9, 16)

  • as soon as the trumpet call of the seventh angel is heard, the mysterious plan of God will be fulfilled according to the good news he proclaimed through his servants the prophets." (Revelation 10, 7)

  • And the voice I had heard from heaven spoke again, saying to me, "Go near the angel who stands on the sea and on the land, and take the small book open in his hand." (Revelation 10, 8)

  • Then I heard a loud voice from heaven: Now has salvation come, with the power and the kingdom of our God, and the rule of his anointed. For our brothers' accuser has been cast out, who accused them night and day, before God. (Revelation 12, 10)

  • I heard someone from heaven say, "Write this: Happy from now are the dead who have died in the Lord. The Spirit says: Let them rest from their labors; their good deeds go with them." (Revelation 14, 13)

  • I heard a loud voice calling from the sanctuary to the seven angels, "Go and empty on the earth the seven cups of the wrath of God." (Revelation 16, 1)

  • And I heard the angel of the waters say, "You who are and who were, O Holy One, you are just in punishing them in this way; (Revelation 16, 5)

  • I heard another cry from the altar, "Yes, Lord and God, Master of the universe, your judgments are true and just." (Revelation 16, 7)

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