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  • You also be patient and do not lose heart, because the Lord's coming is near. (James 5, 8)

  • In obeying the truth, you have gained interior purification from which comes sincere mutual love. Love one another, then, with all your heart, (1 Peter 1, 22)

  • Shepherd the flock which God has entrusted to you, guarding it not out of obligation but willingly for God's sake; not as one looking for a reward but with a generous heart; (1 Peter 5, 2)

  • For Lot, a righteous man who lived in their midst, suffered day after day in the goodness of his heart as he saw and heard of their crimes. (2 Peter 2, 8)

  • If anyone enjoys the riches of this world, but closes his heart when he sees his brother or sister in need, how will the love of God remain in him? (1 John 3, 17)

  • You have persevered and have suffered for my name without losing heart. (Revelation 2, 3)

  • I will strike her children dead and all the Churches will know that I am he who probes the heart and mind; I will give each of you what your conduct deserves. (Revelation 2, 23)

“A meditação não é um meio para chegar a Deus, mas um fim. A finalidade da meditação é o amor a Deus e ao próximo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina