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  • But God hath taken our father's riches, and delivered them to us, and to our children: wherefore do all that God hath commanded thee. (Genesis 31, 16)

  • And leave nothing of your house- hold stuff: for all the riches of Egypt shall be yours. (Genesis 45, 20)

  • Sending to his father as much money and raiment, adding besides ten he asses to carry off all the riches of Egypt, and as many she asses, carrying wheat and bread for the journey. (Genesis 45, 23)

  • And if thou comest with us, we will give thee what is the best of the riches which the Lord shall deliver to us. (Numbers 10, 32)

  • Houses full of riches, which thou didst not set up, cisterns which thou didst not dig, vineyards and oliveyards, which thou didst not plant, (Deuteronomy 6, 11)

  • He said to them : With much substance and riches, you return to your settlements, with silver and gold, brass and iron, and variety of raiment: divide the prey of your enemies with your brethren. (Joshua 22, 8)

  • And some one of Israel said: Have you seen this man that is come up, for he is come up to defy Israel. And the man that shall slay him, the king will enrich with great riches, and will give him his daughter, and will make his father's house free from tribute in Israel. (1 Samuel 17, 25)

  • And the Lord said to Solomon: Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life or riches, nor the lives of thy enemies, but hast asked for thyself wisdom to discern judgment, (1 Kings 3, 11)

  • Yea and the things also which thou didst not ask, I have given thee: to wit riches and glory, as that no one hath been like thee among the kings in all days heretofore. (1 Kings 3, 13)

  • And entering into Jerusalem with a great train, and riches, and camels that carried spices, and an immense quantity of gold, and precious stones, she came to king Solomon, and spoke to him all that she had in her heart. (1 Kings 10, 2)

  • And king Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in riches, and wisdom. (1 Kings 10, 23)

  • Thine are riches, and thine is glory, thou hast dominion over all, in thy hand is power and might: in thy hand greatness, and the empire of all things. (1 Chronicles 29, 12)

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