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  • 'Set aside part of your goods for almsgiving. Never turn your face from the poor and God will never turn his from you. (Tobit 4, 7)

  • For almsgiving delivers from death and saves people from passing down to darkness. (Tobit 4, 10)

  • Almsgiving is a most effective offering for all those who do it in the presence of the Most High. (Tobit 4, 11)

  • 'Give your bread to those who are hungry, and your clothes to those who lack clothing. Of whatever you own in plenty, devote a proportion to almsgiving; and when you give alms, do it ungrudgingly. (Tobit 4, 16)

  • 'Prayer with fasting and alms with uprightness are better than riches with iniquity. Better to practise almsgiving than to hoard up gold. (Tobit 12, 8)

  • Almsgiving saves from death and purges every kind of sin. Those who give alms have their fill of days; (Tobit 12, 9)

  • He had been sixty-two when he went blind; and after his cure, he lived in comfort, practising almsgiving and continually praising God and extolling his greatness. (Tobit 14, 2)

  • So, my children, you see what comes of almsgiving, and what wickedness leads to, I mean to death. But now breath fails me.' They laid him back on his bed; he died and was buried with honour. (Tobit 14, 11)

  • Water puts out a blazing fire, almsgiving expiates sins. (Ecclesiasticus 3, 30)

  • Almsgiving is like a signet ring to him, he cherishes generosity like the pupil of an eye. (Ecclesiasticus 17, 22)

  • Stock your store-rooms with almsgiving; this will save you from all misfortune. (Ecclesiasticus 29, 12)

  • Proof of gratitude is an offering of fine flour, almsgiving a sacrifice of praise. (Ecclesiasticus 35, 2)

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