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  • and it took them forty days, for embalming takes forty days to complete. The Egyptians mourned him for seventy days. (Genesis 50, 3)

  • The taskmasters harassed them. 'You must complete your daily quota,' they said, 'just as when the straw was there.' (Exodus 5, 13)

  • Moses replied, 'This is what Yahweh said, "Tomorrow is a day of complete rest, a Sabbath sacred to Yahweh. Bake what you want to bake, boil what you want to boil; put aside what is left over, to be kept for tomorrow." (Exodus 16, 23)

  • but later recovers and can go about, even with a stick, the one who struck the blow will have no liability, other than to compensate the injured party for the enforced inactivity and to take care of the injured party until the cure is complete. (Exodus 21, 19)

  • Work must be done for six days, but the seventh day will be a day of complete rest, consecrated to Yahweh. Anyone who works on the Sabbath day will be put to death. (Exodus 31, 15)

  • Work must be done for six days, but the seventh must be a holy day for you, a day of complete rest, in honour of Yahweh. Anyone who does any work on that day will be put to death. (Exodus 35, 2)

  • for the material to hand was enough, and more than enough, to complete all the work. (Exodus 36, 7)

  • For seven days you will not leave the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, until the time of your investiture is complete; for your investiture will require seven days. (Leviticus 8, 33)

  • 'Once expiation for the sanctuary, the Tent of Meeting and the altar is complete, he will bring the goat which is still alive. (Leviticus 16, 20)

  • "You will work for six days, but the seventh will be a day of complete rest, a day for the sacred assembly on which you do no work at all. Wherever you live, this is a Sabbath for Yahweh. (Leviticus 23, 3)

  • It must be a day of complete rest for you. You will fast; on the evening of the ninth day of the month, from this evening till the following evening, you will rest completely.' (Leviticus 23, 32)

  • she will hide away and eat them, so complete will be the starvation resulting from the siege and the distress to which your enemy will reduce you in all your towns. (Deuteronomy 28, 57)

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