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  • If a family is too small for a whole lamb, it shall join the nearest household in procuring one and shall share in the lamb in proportion to the number of persons who partake of it. (Exodus 12, 4)

  • They shall take some of its blood and apply it to the two doorposts and the lintel of every house in which they partake of the lamb. (Exodus 12, 7)

  • The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, "These are the regulations for the Passover. No foreigner may partake of it. (Exodus 12, 43)

  • However, any slave who has been bought for money may partake of it, provided you have first circumcised him. (Exodus 12, 44)

  • But no transient alien or hired servant may partake of it. (Exodus 12, 45)

  • If any aliens living among you wish to celebrate the Passover of the LORD, all the males among them must first be circumcised, and then they may join in its observance just like the natives. But no man who is uncircumcised may partake of it. (Exodus 12, 48)

  • Do not make a covenant with the inhabitants of that land; else, when they render their wanton worship to their gods and sacrifice to them, one of them may invite you and you may partake of his sacrifice. (Exodus 34, 15)

  • This shall be a perpetual ordinance for your descendants wherever they may dwell. You shall not partake of any fat or any blood." (Leviticus 2, 17)

  • All the male descendants of Aaron may partake of it as their rightful share in the oblations of the LORD perpetually throughout your generations. Whatever touches the oblations becomes sacred." (Leviticus 5, 11)

  • The priest who presents the sin offering may partake of it; but it must be eaten in a sacred place, in the court of the meeting tent. (Leviticus 5, 19)

  • All the males of the priestly line may partake of the sin offering, since it is most sacred. (Leviticus 5, 22)

  • But no one may partake of any sin offering of which some blood has been brought into the meeting tent to make atonement in the sanctuary; such an offering must be burned up in the fire. (Leviticus 5, 23)

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