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  • As the sun was about to set, a trance fell upon Abram, and a deep, terrifying darkness enveloped him. (Genesis 15, 12)

  • When the sun had set and it was dark, there appeared a smoking brazier and a flaming torch, which passed between those pieces. (Genesis 15, 17)

  • The sun was just rising over the earth as Lot arrived in Zoar; (Genesis 19, 23)

  • When he came upon a certain shrine, as the sun had already set, he stopped there for the night. Taking one of the stones at the shrine, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep at that spot. (Genesis 28, 11)

  • At sunrise, as he left Penuel, Jacob limped along because of his hip. (Genesis 32, 32)

  • Then he had another dream, and this one, too, he told to his brothers. "I had another dream," he said; "this time, the sun and the moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me." (Genesis 37, 9)

  • Morning after morning they gathered it, till each had enough to eat; but when the sun grew hot, the manna melted away. (Exodus 16, 21)

  • Moses' hands, however, grew tired; so they put a rock in place for him to sit on. Meanwhile Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other, so that his hands remained steady till sunset. (Exodus 17, 12)

  • But if after sunrise he is thus beaten, there is bloodguilt.) He must make full restitution. If he has nothing, he shall be sold to pay for his theft. (Exodus 22, 2)

  • If you take your neighbor's cloak as a pledge, you shall return it to him before sunset; (Exodus 22, 25)

  • then, when the sun sets, he again becomes clean. Only then may he eat of the sacred offerings, which are his food. (Leviticus 21, 7)

  • "Encamped on the east side, toward the sunrise, shall be the divisional camp of Judah, arranged in companies. (The prince of the Judahites was Nahshon, son of Amminadab, (Numbers 2, 3)

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