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  • and that they should have this proclamation made throughout their cities and in Jerusalem: "Go out into the hill country and bring in branches of olive trees, oleasters, myrtle, palm, and other leafy trees, to make booths, as the law prescribes." (Nehemiah 8, 15)

  • I will plant in the desert the cedar, acacia, myrtle, and olive; I will set in the wasteland the cypress, together with the plane tree and the pine, (Isaiah 41, 19)

  • In place of the thornbush, the cypress shall grow, instead of nettles, the myrtle. This shall be to the LORD'S renown, an everlasting imperishable sign. (Isaiah 55, 13)

  • I had a vision during the night. There appeared the driver of a red horse, standing among myrtle trees in a shady place, and behind him were red, sorrel, and white horses. (Zechariah 1, 8)

  • The man who was standing among the myrtle trees spoke up and said, "These are they whom the LORD has sent to patrol the earth." (Zechariah 1, 10)

  • And they answered the angel of the LORD who was standing among the myrtle trees and said, "We have patrolled the earth; see, the whole earth is tranquil and at rest!" (Zechariah 1, 11)

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