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  • A flame shall wither him up in his early growth, and with the wind his blossoms shall disappear. (Job 15, 30)

  • His stalk shall wither before its time, and his branches shall be green no more. (Job 15, 32)

  • Below, his roots dry up, and above, his branches wither. (Job 18, 16)

  • They are like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season; Its leaves never wither; whatever they do prospers. (Psalms 1, 3)

  • Like grass they wither quickly; like green plants they wilt away. (Psalms 37, 2)

  • Make them vanish like water flowing away; trodden down, let them wither like grass. (Psalms 58, 8)

  • My days are like a lengthening shadow; I wither like the grass. (Psalms 102, 12)

  • If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand wither. (Psalms 137, 5)

  • let us crown ourselves with rosebuds ere they wither. (Wisdom of Solomon 2, 8)

  • Its streams shall become foul, and the canals of Egypt shall dwindle and dry up. Reeds and rushes shall wither away, (Isaiah 19, 6)

  • its branches shall wither and be broken off, and women shall come to build a fire with them. This is not an understanding people; therefore their maker shall not spare them, nor shall he who formed them have mercy on them. (Isaiah 27, 11)

  • and all the hills shall rot; The heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll, and all their host shall wither away, As the leaf wilts on the vine, or as the fig withers on the tree. (Isaiah 34, 4)

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