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  • And Abimelech responded, “I do not know who did this thing, but you also did not reveal it to me, nor have I heard of it, before today.” (Genesis 21, 26)

  • And he was a settler in the land of the Palestinians for many days. (Genesis 21, 34)

  • Then, on the third day, lifting up his eyes, he saw the place at a distance. (Genesis 22, 4)

  • And he called the name of that place: ‘The Lord Sees.’ Thus, even to this day, it is said: ‘On the mountain, the Lord will see.’ (Genesis 22, 14)

  • Now Abraham was old and of many days. And the Lord had blessed him in all things. (Genesis 24, 1)

  • “O Lord, the God of my lord Abraham, meet with me today, I beg you, and show mercy to my lord Abraham. (Genesis 24, 12)

  • And so, today I arrived at the well of water, and I said: ‘O Lord, the God of my lord Abraham, if you have directed my way, in which I now walk, (Genesis 24, 42)

  • And her brothers and mother responded, “Let the girl remain for at least ten days with us, and after that, she will continue on.” (Genesis 24, 55)

  • And he had gone out to meditate in the field, as daylight was now declining. And when he had lifted up his eyes, he saw camels advancing from afar. (Genesis 24, 63)

  • Now the days of Abraham’s life were one hundred and seventy-five years. (Genesis 25, 7)

  • And declining, he died in a good old age, and at an advanced stage of life, and full of days. And he was gathered to his people. (Genesis 25, 8)

  • Then, when a famine arose over the land, after that barrenness which had happened in the days of Abraham, Isaac went to Abimelech, king of the Palestinians, in Gerar. (Genesis 26, 1)

“As almas não são oferecidas como dom; compram-se. Vós ignorais quanto custaram a Jesus. É sempre com a mesma moeda que é preciso pagá-las”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina