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  • You shall also make hooks of gold, (Exodus 28, 13)

  • and two little chains of the purest gold, linked to one another, which you shall insert into the hooks. (Exodus 28, 14)

  • Likewise, you shall make the breastplate of judgment, wrought with diverse colors according to weaving of the ephod: of gold, hyacinth and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen. (Exodus 28, 15)

  • In the fourth, there shall be a chrysolite, an onyx, and a beryl. They shall be set in gold by their rows. (Exodus 28, 20)

  • You shall make chains of the purest gold, linked one to another, on the breastplate, (Exodus 28, 22)

  • and two rings of gold, which you shall place at both ends of the breastplate. (Exodus 28, 23)

  • You shall also make two rings of gold, which you shall place at the ends of the breastplate, at the borders which are away from the region of the ephod and which look toward its back. (Exodus 28, 26)

  • And then you shall also make two other rings of gold, which are to be suspended on both sides at the bottom of the ephod, which looks out opposite the face of the lower juncture, so that the breastplate can be fitted to the ephod. (Exodus 28, 27)

  • And you shall make a plate of the purest gold, in which you shall engrave, with the skill of a sculptor, ‘Holy to the Lord.’ (Exodus 28, 36)

  • And you shall clothe it with the purest gold, both its grating and the walls around it, and also the horns. And you shall make for it a crown of gold in a circle, (Exodus 30, 3)

  • and two gold rings under the crown on each side, so that the bars may be set in them and the altar may be carried. (Exodus 30, 4)

  • Also, you shall make its bars of setim wood, and you shall overlay them with gold. (Exodus 30, 5)

“Façamos o bem, enquanto temos tempo à nossa disposição. Assim, daremos glória ao nosso Pai celeste, santificaremos nós mesmos e daremos bom exemplo aos outros.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina