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  • How has the impious one provoked God? For he has said in his heart, “He will not inquire.” (Psalms 9, 34)

  • The Lord questions the just and the impious. Yet he who loves iniquity, hates his own soul. (Psalms 10, 6)

  • The impious wander aimlessly. According to your loftiness, you have multiplied the sons of men. (Psalms 11, 9)

  • from the face of the impious who have afflicted me. My enemies have surrounded my soul. (Psalms 16, 9)

  • Rise up, O Lord, arrive before him and displace him. Deliver my soul from the impious one: your spear from the enemies of your hand. (Psalms 16, 13)

  • I have hated the assembly of the malicious; and I will not sit with the impious. (Psalms 25, 5)

  • O God, do not let my soul perish with the impious, nor my life with the men of blood, (Psalms 25, 9)

  • Do not let me be confounded, Lord, for I have called upon you. Let the impious be ashamed and be drawn down into Hell. (Psalms 30, 18)

  • For the Lord loves judgment, and he will not abandon his saints. They will be kept safe in eternity. The unjust will be punished, and the offspring of the impious will perish. (Psalms 36, 28)

  • I have seen the impious over-exalted, and lifted up like the cedars of Lebanon. (Psalms 36, 35)

  • But the unjust will be destroyed together: the allotments of the impious will pass away. (Psalms 36, 38)

  • I will teach the unjust your ways, and the impious will be converted to you. (Psalms 50, 15)

“O sábio elogia a mulher forte dizendo: os seu dedos manejaram o fuso. A roca é o alvo dos seus desejos. Fie, portanto, cada dia um pouco. Puxe fio a fio até a execução e, infalivelmente, você chegará ao fim. Mas não tenha pressa, pois senão você poderá misturar o fio com os nós e embaraçar tudo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina