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  • And having confirmed that the field, in which there was a double cave overlooking Mamre, formerly belonged to Ephron, both it and the sepulcher, and all its trees, with all its surrounding limits, (Genesis 23, 17)

  • along with all of its people, from the newest borders of Egypt, even to its furthest limits, (Genesis 47, 21)

  • And you will establish limits for the people all around, and you will say to them: ‘Take care not to ascend to the mountain, and that you do not touch its parts. All who touch the mountain, shall die a death.’ (Exodus 19, 12)

  • he said to him: “Descend, and call the people to witness, lest they might be willing to transgress the limits, so as to see the Lord, and a very great multitude of them might perish. (Exodus 19, 21)

  • And Moses said to the Lord: “The people are not able to ascend to Mount Sinai. For you testified, and you commanded, saying: ‘Set limits around the mountain, and sanctify it.’ ” (Exodus 19, 23)

  • And the Lord said to him, “Go, descend. And you shall ascend, and Aaron with you. But let not the priests or the people transgress the limits, nor ascend to the Lord, lest perhaps he may put them to death.” (Exodus 19, 24)

  • Then I will set your limits to be from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Palestinians, and from the desert all the way to the river. I will deliver into your hands the inhabitants of the land, and I will cast them out from your sight. (Exodus 23, 31)

  • And from Soccoth they went to Etham, which is at the furthest limits of the wilderness. (Numbers 33, 6)

  • And departing from Kadesh, they encamped at mount Hor, at the furthermost limits of the land of Edom. (Numbers 33, 37)

  • “Instruct the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them: When you will have entered into the land of Canaan, and it has fallen into your possession by lot, it shall be bound by these limits: (Numbers 34, 2)

  • And its limits shall go around from Azmon to the Torrent of Egypt, and shall end at the shore of the Great Sea. (Numbers 34, 5)

  • Furthermore, toward the northern region, its limits shall begin from the Great Sea, passing through even to the highest mountain. (Numbers 34, 7)

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