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  • who preserves mercy a thousand fold, who takes away iniquity, and wickedness, and also sin; and with you no one, in and of himself, is innocent. You render the iniquity of the fathers to the sons, and also to their descendents to the third and fourth generation.” (Exodus 34, 7)

  • ‘The Lord is patient and full of mercy, taking away iniquity and wickedness, and forsaking no one who is harmless. He visits the sins of the fathers upon the sons, to the third and fourth generation.’ (Numbers 14, 18)

  • Forgive, I beg you, the sins of this people, according to the greatness of your mercy, just as you have been gracious to them in their journey from Egypt to this place.” (Numbers 14, 19)

  • and acting with mercy in thousands of ways to those who love me and keep my precepts. (Deuteronomy 5, 10)

  • And you shall know that the Lord your God himself is a strong and faithful God, preserving his covenant and his mercy for those who love him and those who keep his precepts for a thousand generations, (Deuteronomy 7, 9)

  • If, after you have heard these judgments, you keep and do them, the Lord your God will also keep his covenant with you and the mercy that he swore to your fathers. (Deuteronomy 7, 12)

  • then you shall cut off her hand. Neither shall you weep over her with any mercy. (Deuteronomy 25, 12)

  • Now, therefore, swear to me by the Lord that in the same way that I have acted with mercy toward you, so also shall you act toward the house of my father. And may you give me a true sign (Joshua 2, 12)

  • They responded to her: “May our lives be yours unto death, if only you do not betray us. And when the Lord will have delivered the land to us, we will act toward you with mercy and truth.” (Joshua 2, 14)

  • they saw a man departing from the city, and they said to him, “Reveal to us the entrance to the city, and we will act with mercy toward you.” (Judges 1, 24)

  • And while the Lord was raising up the judges, in their days, he was moved to mercy, and he listened to the groaning of the afflicted, and he freed them from the slaughter of their oppressors. (Judges 2, 18)

  • Neither did they show mercy to the house of Jerubbaal Gideon, in accord with all the good that he had done for Israel. (Judges 8, 35)

O sábio elogia a mulher forte dizendo: os seu dedos manejaram o fuso. A roca é o alvo dos seus desejos. Fie, portanto, cada dia um pouco. Puxe fio a fio até a execução e, infalivelmente, você chegará ao fim. Mas não tenha pressa, pois senão você poderá misturar o fio com os nós e embaraçar tudo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina