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  • The Lord shall reign in eternity, even forever and ever. You will perish the Gentiles from his land. (Psalms 9, 37)

  • O God, do not let my soul perish with the impious, nor my life with the men of blood, (Psalms 25, 9)

  • Do not draw me away together with sinners; and let me not perish with those who work iniquity, who speak peacefully to their neighbor, yet evils are in their hearts. (Psalms 27, 3)

  • But the countenance of the Lord is upon those who do evil, to perish the remembrance of them from the earth. (Psalms 33, 17)

  • for sinners will perish. Truly, the adversaries of the Lord, soon after they have been honored and exalted, will fade away, in the same way that smoke fades away. (Psalms 36, 20)

  • For those who bless him will inherit the earth, but those who curse him will perish. (Psalms 36, 22)

  • For the Lord loves judgment, and he will not abandon his saints. They will be kept safe in eternity. The unjust will be punished, and the offspring of the impious will perish. (Psalms 36, 28)

  • My enemies have spoken evils against me. When will he die and his name perish? (Psalms 40, 6)

  • He will not see death, when he sees the wise dying: the foolish and the senseless will perish together. And they will leave their riches to strangers. (Psalms 48, 11)

  • For behold, those who put themselves far from you will perish. You have perished all those who fornicate away from you. (Psalms 72, 27)

  • Whatever has been set on fire and dug under will perish at the rebuke of your countenance. (Psalms 79, 17)

  • Let them be ashamed and troubled, from age to age, and let them be confounded and perish. (Psalms 82, 18)

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