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  • The land that you request is worth four hundred shekels of silver. This is the price between me and you. But how much is this? Bury your dead.” (Genesis 23, 15)

  • Has he not considered us as foreigners, and sold us, and consumed our price? (Genesis 31, 15)

  • But place my silver bowl, and the price that he gave for the wheat, in the mouth of the sack of the youngest.” And so it was done. (Genesis 44, 2)

  • The firstborn of a donkey you will exchange for a sheep. And if you will not redeem it, you shall put it to death. But every firstborn of man among your sons, you shall redeem with a price. (Exodus 13, 13)

  • And if he takes another for him, he shall provide to the maiden a marriage, and clothing, and he shall not refuse the price of her chastity. (Exodus 21, 10)

  • But if they have imposed a price on him, he shall give, in exchange for his life, whatever is asked. (Exodus 21, 30)

  • then the owner of the cistern shall repay the price of the beasts, and what is dead will belong to him. (Exodus 21, 34)

  • If the ox of a stranger wounds the ox of another, and it has died, then they shall sell the live ox and divide the price, but the carcass of the dead one they shall distribute between them. (Exodus 21, 35)

  • “When you have taken the sum of the sons of Israel, according to their number, each shall give a price for their souls to the Lord, and there will be no scourge among them, when they will be reviewed. (Exodus 30, 12)

  • He who has been numbered from twenty years and above shall give the price. (Exodus 30, 14)

  • The firstborn of a donkey, you shall redeem with a sheep. But if you will not give a price for it, it shall be slain. The firstborn of your sons you shall redeem. You shall not appear empty in my sight. (Exodus 34, 20)

  • If a man will have slept in sexual intercourse with a woman, who is a servant and who is also able to be married, and yet he has not redeemed her with a price, nor paid to set her free, they both shall be beaten, but they shall not die, for she was not a free woman. (Leviticus 19, 20)

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