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  • He answered: Thou art my bone and my flesh. And after the days of one month were expired, (Genesis 29, 14)

  • Lahan answered: It is better that I give her thee than to another man; stay with me. (Genesis 29, 19)

  • Laban answered: It is not the custom in this place, to give the younger in marriage first. (Genesis 29, 26)

  • And Jacob being angry with her, answered: Am I as God, who hath deprived thee of the fruit of thy womb? (Genesis 30, 2)

  • She answered: Dost thou think it a small matter, that thou hast taken my husband from me, unless thou take also my son's mandrakes? Rachel said: He shall sleep with thee this night, for thy son's mandrakes. (Genesis 30, 15)

  • But he answered: Thou knowest how I have served thee, and how great thy possession hath been in my hands. (Genesis 30, 29)

  • And the angel of God said to me in my sleep: Jacob? And I answered: Here I am. (Genesis 31, 11)

  • And Rachel and Lia answered: Have we anything left among the goods and inheritance of our father's house? (Genesis 31, 14)

  • Jacob answered: That I departed unknown to thee, it was for fear lest thou wouldst take away thy daughters by force. (Genesis 31, 31)

  • Laban answered him: The daughters are mine and the children, and thy flocks, and all things that thou seest are mine: what can I do to my children, and grandchildren? (Genesis 31, 43)

  • And he said to him: Let me go, for it is break of day. He answered: I will not let thee go except thou bless me. (Genesis 32, 26)

  • And he said: What is thy name? He answered: Jacob. (Genesis 32, 27)

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