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  • And the cup of Pharao was in my hand: and I took the grapes, and pressed them into the cup which I held, and I gave the cup to Pharao. (Genesis 40, 11)

  • After which Pharao will remember thy service, and will restore thee to thy former place: and thou shah present him the cup according to thy office, as before thou wast wont to do. (Genesis 40, 13)

  • And he restored the one to his place to present him the cup: (Genesis 40, 21)

  • And in the mouth of the younger's sack put my silver cup, and the price which he gave for the wheat. And it was so done. (Genesis 44, 2)

  • The cup which you have stolen is that in which my lord drinketh, and in which he is wont to divine: you have done a very evil thing. (Genesis 44, 5)

  • Which when he had searched, beginning at the eldest and ending at the youngest, he found the cup in Benjamin's sack. (Genesis 44, 12)

  • And Juda said to him: What shall we answer my lord? or what shall we say, or be able justly to allege? God hath found out the iniquity of thy servants: behold, we are all bondmen to my lord, both we, and he with whom the cup was found. (Genesis 44, 16)

  • Joseph answered: God forbid that should do so: he that stole the cup, he shall be my bondman: and go you away free to your father. (Genesis 44, 17)

  • And the men are shepherds, and their occupation is to feed cattle: their flocks and herds, and all they have, they have brought with them. (Genesis 46, 32)

  • And when he shall call you, and shall say: What is your occupation? (Genesis 46, 33)

  • And he asked them: What is your occupation? They answered: Re thy servants are shepherds, both we, and our fathers. (Genesis 47, 3)

  • Thou shalt prepare also dishes, and bowls, censers, and cups, wherein the libations are to be offered of the purest gold. (Exodus 25, 29)

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