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  • And when he had seen them, and Benjamin with them, he commanded the steward of his house, saying: Bring in the men into the house, and kill victims, and prepare a feast: because they shall eat with me at noon. (Genesis 43, 16)

  • He did as he was commanded, and brought the men into the house. (Genesis 43, 17)

  • Wherefore going up to the steward of the house, at the door, (Genesis 43, 19)

  • And having brought them into the house, he fetched water, and they washed their feet, and he gave provender to their asses. (Genesis 43, 24)

  • Then Joseph came into his house, and they offered him the presents holding them in their hands, and they bowed down with their face to the ground. (Genesis 43, 26)

  • And Joseph commanded the steward of his house, saying: Fill their sacks with corn, as much as they can hold: and put the money of every one in the top of his sack. (Genesis 44, 1)

  • And when they were now departed out of the city, and had gone forward a little way; Joseph sendingfor the steward of his house, said: Arise, and pursue after the men: and when thou hast overtaken them, say to them: Why have you returned evil for good? (Genesis 44, 4)

  • The money, that we found in the top of our sacks, we brought back to thee from the land of Chanaan: how then should it be that we should steal out of thy lord's house, gold or silver? (Genesis 44, 8)

  • And he lifted up his voice with weeping, which the Egyptians and all the house of Pharao heard. (Genesis 45, 2)

  • Not by your counsel was I sent hither, but by the will of God: who hath made me as it were a father to Pharao, and lord of his whold house, and governor in all the land of Egypt. (Genesis 45, 8)

  • And there I will feed thee, (for there are yet five years of famine remaining,) lest both thou perish, and thy house, and all things that thou hast. (Genesis 45, 11)

  • And leave nothing of your house- hold stuff: for all the riches of Egypt shall be yours. (Genesis 45, 20)

“O demônio é forte com quem o teme, mas é fraquíssimo com quem o despreza.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina