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  • But you should not let Hezekiah disturb you, saying, ‘The Lord will deliver us.’ Have any of the gods of each of the nations delivered their land from the hand of the king of the Assyrians? (Isaiah 36, 18)

  • Perhaps, somehow, the Lord your God will hear the words of Rabshakeh, whom the king of the Assyrians, his lord, has sent to blaspheme the living God, and will rebuke the words that the Lord your God has heard. Therefore, lift up your prayers on behalf of the remnant which has been left behind.” (Isaiah 37, 4)

  • And Isaiah said to them: “You shall say this to your lord: Thus says the Lord: Do not be afraid to face the words that you have heard, by which the servants of the king of the Assyrians blasphemed me. (Isaiah 37, 6)

  • Then Rabshakeh returned, and he found the king of the Assyrians fighting against Libnah. For he had heard that he had set out from Lachish. (Isaiah 37, 8)

  • “You shall say this to Hezekiah, the king of Judah, saying: Do not let your God, in whom you trust, deceive you by saying: ‘Jerusalem will not be given into the hands of the king of the Assyrians.’ (Isaiah 37, 10)

  • Behold, you have heard about all that the kings of the Assyrians have done to all the lands that they have conquered, and so, how can you be delivered? (Isaiah 37, 11)

  • For truly, O Lord, the kings of the Assyrians have laid waste to countries and territories. (Isaiah 37, 18)

  • And Isaiah, the son of Amoz, sent to Hezekiah, saying: “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: Because of what you have prayed to me about Sennacherib, the king of the Assyrians, (Isaiah 37, 21)

  • For this reason, thus says the Lord about the king of the Assyrians: He will not enter this city, nor shoot an arrow into it, nor overtake it with a shield, nor dig a rampart all around it. (Isaiah 37, 33)

  • Then the Angel of the Lord went forth and struck down, in the camp of the Assyrians, one hundred eighty-five thousand. And they arose in the morning, and behold, all these were dead bodies. (Isaiah 37, 36)

  • And Sennacherib, the king of the Assyrians, departed and went away. And he returned and lived at Nineveh. (Isaiah 37, 37)

  • And I will rescue you and this city from the hand of the king of the Assyrians, and I will protect it. (Isaiah 38, 6)

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