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  • Therefore, since we are of the family of God, we must not consider gold or silver or precious stones, or the engravings of art and of the imagination of man, to be a representation of what is Divine. (Acts 17, 29)

  • But what is the Divine response to him? “I have retained for myself seven thousand men, who have not bent their knees before Baal.” (Romans 11, 4)

  • For in him, all the fullness of the Divine Nature dwells bodily. (Colossians 2, 9)

  • in the same manner that all things which are for life and piety have been given to us by his Divine virtue, through the plan of him who has called us to our own glory and virtue. (2 Peter 1, 3)

  • Through Christ, he has given us the greatest and most precious promises, so that by these things you may become sharers in the Divine Nature, fleeing from the corruption of that desire which is in the world. (2 Peter 1, 4)

“Na igreja se fala somente com Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina