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  • And he said to the elder servant of his house, who was in charge of all that he had: “Place your hand under my thigh, (Genesis 24, 2)

  • And Joseph found favor in the sight of his lord, and he ministered to him. And, having been placed in charge of everything by him, he governed the house that was entrusted to him and all the things that had been delivered to him. (Genesis 39, 4)

  • And Pharaoh, being angry with them, (now the one was in charge of the cupbearers, the other of the millers of grain) (Genesis 40, 2)

  • If you buy a Hebrew servant, six years shall he serve you; in the seventh, he shall depart freely, without charge. (Exodus 21, 2)

  • that the leaders of Israel and the heads of the families, who were in each tribe and who were in charge of those who had been numbered, offered (Numbers 7, 2)

  • Be merciful to your people Israel, whom you have redeemed, O Lord, and do not charge them with innocent blood in the midst of your people Israel.’ And so the guilt of the blood will be taken away from them. (Deuteronomy 21, 8)

  • And Boaz said to the young man who was in charge of the reapers, “Whose young woman is this?” (Ruth 2, 5)

  • Therefore, those who were in charge of the house, and the prefects of the city, and those greater by birth, and those who raised the sons, sent to Jehu, saying: “We are your servants. Whatever you will order, we will do. But we will not appoint a king for ourselves. Do whatever pleases you.” (2 Kings 10, 5)

  • And let it be given, by those in charge of the house of the Lord, to the workers. And let them distribute it to those who are working in the temple of the Lord in order to repair the surfaces of the temple, (2 Kings 22, 5)

  • and from the city, one eunuch, who was in charge of the men of war, and five men out of those who had stood before the king, whom he found in the city, and Sopher, the leader of the army who trained the young soldiers from the people of the land, and sixty men from the common people, who had been found in the city. (2 Kings 25, 19)

  • Some of them also were entrusted with the equipment of the sanctuary; they were in charge of the fine wheat flour, and the wine, and the oil, and the frankincense, and the aromatics. (1 Chronicles 9, 29)

  • And Mattithiah, a Levite, the firstborn of Shallum the Korahite, was in charge of those things that were cooked in a frying pan. (1 Chronicles 9, 31)

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