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  • And I said: Perhaps darkness will overwhelm me, and the night will be my illumination, to my delight. (Psalms 138, 11)

  • But darkness will not be impenetrable to you, and night will illuminate like the day: for just as its darkness is, so also is its light. (Psalms 138, 12)

  • For the enemy has pursued my soul. He has lowered my life to the earth. He has stationed me in darkness, like the dead of ages past. (Psalms 142, 3)

  • Then Heliodorus suddenly fell to the ground, and they quickly took him up, draped by a great darkness, and, having placed him onto a stretcher, they rushed him away. (2 Maccabees 3, 27)

  • He steps into shadows, as day becomes evening, into the darkness and gloom of the night. (Proverbs 7, 9)

  • Whoever curses his father and mother, his lamp will be extinguished in the midst of darkness. (Proverbs 20, 20)

  • And I saw that wisdom surpasses foolishness, so much so that they differ as much as light from darkness. (Ecclesiastes 2, 13)

  • The eyes of a wise man are in his head. A foolish man walks in darkness. Yet I learned that one would pass away like the other. (Ecclesiastes 2, 14)

  • All the days of his life he consumes: in darkness, and with many worries, and in distress as well as sadness. (Ecclesiastes 5, 16)

  • For he arrives without a purpose and he continues on into darkness, and his name shall be wiped away, into oblivion. (Ecclesiastes 6, 4)

  • For, while they managed to convince the unjust, so as to obtain dominion over the holy nation, they themselves were fettered with chains of darkness and of endless night, enclosed in their houses, fugitives of everlasting providence, lying in ruins. (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 2)

  • For they were all bound together with one chain of darkness. Or if there were a whistling wind, or the sweet sound of birds among the thick tree branches, or the force of water rushing excessively, (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 17)

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