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  • The kings of Tarshish and the islands will offer gifts. The kings of Arabia and of Seba will bring gifts. (Psalms 71, 10)

  • Make vows and pay them to the Lord, your God. All you who surround him bring gifts: to him who is terrible, (Psalms 75, 12)

  • Therefore, approach first, and carryout the order of the king, as all the nations have done, and the men of Judah, and those who remained in Jerusalem. And you and your sons will be among the friends of the king, and enriched with gold and silver and many gifts.” (1 Maccabees 2, 18)

  • And he feared, lest he not have enough the second time as the first, for expenses and gifts, which he had given before with a liberal hand. For his excesses were more than the kings who had been before him. (1 Maccabees 3, 30)

  • I also will write to them words of petition, and offer positions of rank and gifts, so that they may act in assistance to me.” (1 Maccabees 10, 24)

  • And we will repay you for your many expenses, and we will give you gifts. (1 Maccabees 10, 28)

  • And now, let us establish a friendship with one with another. And give me your daughter as a wife, and I will be your son-in-law, and I will give gifts that are worthy of you, to both you and her.” (1 Maccabees 10, 54)

  • And he went forth with glory to Ptolemais, and he met the two kings there, and he gave them much silver, and gold, and gifts. And he found favor in their sight. (1 Maccabees 10, 60)

  • And so he received him with honor, and he commended him to all his friends, and he gave him gifts. And he instructed his troops to obey him, just as himself. (1 Maccabees 12, 43)

  • Now, therefore, I confirm to you all the oblations that all the kings before me have remitted to you, and whatever other gifts they remitted to you. (1 Maccabees 15, 5)

  • And he sent others to Gazara to destroy John. And he sent letters to the tribunes to come to him, and he would give them silver, and gold, and gifts. (1 Maccabees 16, 19)

  • Moreover, these same things were put into the descriptions and commentaries of Nehemiah, including how, when constructing a library, he gathered together from the regions the books of the Prophets, and of David, and the epistles of the kings, and from the holy gifts. (2 Maccabees 2, 13)

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