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  • So Joseph gathered up all the food that was produced during these years, storing in each town the food from the fields around it. (Genesis 41, 48)

  • Joseph stored huge quantities of wheat, like the sand from the sea, so much that they lost count of the amount. (Genesis 41, 49)

  • Before the years of famine came, Asenath, Joseph's wife, had two sons. (Genesis 41, 50)

  • Joseph called the first Manasseh, for he said, "God has made me forget all my hardship and all my father's house." (Genesis 41, 51)

  • the seven years of famine began as Joseph had foretold. There was famine in all the countries but bread was to be had in every part of Egypt. (Genesis 41, 54)

  • When the land of Egypt began to suffer from the famine, the people came to Pharaoh for bread. But Pharaoh told all the Egyptians, "Go to Joseph and do as he tells you." (Genesis 41, 55)

  • When the famine had spread throughout the land, Joseph opened all the storehouses and sold grain to the Egyptians for the famine was indeed severe over the land. (Genesis 41, 56)

  • As the famine had worsened throughout the whole world, people came from other countries to buy grain from Joseph. (Genesis 41, 57)

  • Joseph's brothers - ten of them - went down to Egypt to buy wheat (Genesis 42, 3)

  • but Jacob did not send Benjamin, Joseph's brother, for he said, "Something might happen to him." (Genesis 42, 4)

  • It was Joseph, as governor of the land, who sold the grain to all the people. When his brothers arrived they bowed before him, with their faces to the ground. (Genesis 42, 6)

  • Joseph recognized his brothers but did not make himself known and, instead, said harshly to them, "Where do you come from?" And they answered, "We come from the land of Canaan to buy grain for food." (Genesis 42, 7)

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