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  • and named him Noah, for he said, "He will console us in the hard toil and suffering of our hands, because of the soil that was cursed by Yahweh. (Genesis 5, 29)

  • After the birth of Noah, Lamech lived five hundred and ninety-five years, and he had other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5, 30)

  • When Noah was five hundred years old, he became the father of Sem, Ham and Japheth. (Genesis 5, 32)

  • But Noah was pleasing to God. (Genesis 6, 8)

  • This is the story of Noah. Noah was a just man, blameless among the people of his time, a man who walked with God. (Genesis 6, 9)

  • Noah became the father of three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. (Genesis 6, 10)

  • Yahweh said to Noah, "I have in mind to destroy all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. This is why I will destroy them and with them the earth. (Genesis 6, 13)

  • And Noah did all as God had commanded him. (Genesis 6, 22)

  • Yahweh said to Noah, "Go into the ark, you and all your household, for I see that you are just in this generation. (Genesis 7, 1)

  • Noah did all as Yahweh had commanded. (Genesis 7, 5)

  • Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters covered the earth. (Genesis 7, 6)

  • So Noah went into the ark with his children, his wife and his sons' wives to escape the waters of the flood. (Genesis 7, 7)

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