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  • then it is leprosy in the skin and the priest must declare him unclean. It is useless to isolate him for a time; he is unclean. (Leviticus 13, 11)

  • The spies said to Joshua on their return: "It would not be necessary to mobilize the whole army: some two or three thousand men will be enough to conquer the land. It would be useless to tire the people for that nation is but few in number." (Joshua 7, 3)

  • Do not go after these useless and vain idols that are unable to save. (1 Samuel 12, 21)

  • David was reflecting, "It was useless guarding all that this fellow has in the desert. Although he lost nothing belonging to him, he has returned me evil for good. (1 Samuel 25, 21)

  • If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand fall useless! (Psalms 137, 5)

  • If they did not believe that their fallen companions would rise again, then it would have been a useless and foolish thing to pray for them. (2 Maccabees 12, 44)

  • On the day of vengeance riches will prove useless but honest living will save from death. (Proverbs 11, 4)

  • Charm is deceptive and beauty useless; the woman who is wise is the one to praise. (Proverbs 31, 30)

  • I said in my heart, "I will try pleasure! taste happiness!" But I found that was useless. (Ecclesiastes 2, 1)

  • No man controls the wind or holds back the day of death. Struggle is useless and not even wickedness saves its author. (Ecclesiastes 8, 8)

  • Beware, my son, of searching beyond. Writing many books would be useless, and intense study wearies the body. (Ecclesiastes 12, 12)

  • Let our strength be our right, since it is proved that weakness is useless. (Wisdom of Solomon 2, 11)

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