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  • They have the power to close the sky and hold back the rain during the time of their prophetic mission; they also have the power to change water into blood, and punish the earth with a thousand plagues, any time they wish. (Revelation 11, 6)

  • The nations raged but your wrath has come, the time to judge the dead and reward your servants the prophets, the saints and those who honor your Name - whether great or small - and destroy those who destroy the earth. (Revelation 11, 18)

  • She was pregnant and cried out in pain, looking to her time of delivery. (Revelation 12, 2)

  • Rejoice, therefore, O you heavens and you who dwell in them; but woe to you, earth and sea, for the devil has come to you in anger knowing that he has but a little time. (Revelation 12, 12)

  • If your lot is the prison, to prison you will go; if your lot is to be killed by the sword, by the sword will you be slain. This is, for the holy ones, the time of endurance and faith. (Revelation 13, 10)

  • This is the time for patient endurance among the holy ones, for those who keep the commandments of God and faith in Jesus. (Revelation 14, 12)

  • An angel came out of the sanctuary, calling loudly to the one sitting on the cloud, "Put in your sickle and reap, for harvest time has come and the harvest of the earth is ripe." (Revelation 14, 15)

  • The Great City was split into three, while the cities of the nations collapsed. For the time had come for Babylon the Great to be remembered before God and to be given the cup of the foaming wine of his anger. (Revelation 16, 19)

  • Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! This is the time to celebrate the wedding of the Lamb, his bride has made herself ready. (Revelation 19, 7)

  • He then said to me, "Do not keep secret the prophetic words of this book because the time is near. (Revelation 22, 10)

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