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  • Abraham became the father of Isaac. The sons of Isaac were Esau and Israel. (1 Chronicles 1, 34)

  • The sons of Esau were Eliphaz, Reuel, Jeush, Jalam, and Korah. (1 Chronicles 1, 35)

  • Then Judas attacked the sons of Esau at Akrabattene in Idumea, because they were blockading Israel; he defeated them heavily, overcame and despoiled them. (1 Maccabees 5, 3)

  • Then Judas and his brothers went out and attacked the sons of Esau in the country toward the south; he took Hebron and its villages, and he destroyed its strongholds and burned the towers around it. (1 Maccabees 5, 65)

  • Flee, retreat, hide in deep holes, you who live in Dedan: For I will bring destruction upon Esau when I come to punish him. (Jeremiah 49, 8)

  • So I myself will strip Esau; I will uncover his retreats so that he cannot hide. He is ruined: sons, and brothers, and neighbors, so that he is no more. (Jeremiah 49, 10)

  • How they search Esau, seek out his hiding places! (Obadiah 1, 6)

  • Shall I not, says the LORD, on that day make the wise men disappear from Edom, and understanding from the mount of Esau? (Obadiah 1, 8)

  • Your warriors, O Teman, shall be crushed, till all on Mount Esau are destroyed. (Obadiah 1, 9)

  • The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame; The house of Esau shall be stubble, and they shall set them ablaze and devour them; Then none shall survive of the house of Esau, for the LORD has spoken. (Obadiah 1, 18)

  • They shall occupy the Negeb, the mount of Esau, and the foothills of the Philistines; And they shall occupy the lands of Ephraim and the lands of Samaria, and Benjamin shall occupy Gilead. (Obadiah 1, 19)

  • And saviors shall ascend Mount Zion to rule the mount of Esau, and the kingship shall be the LORD'S. (Obadiah 1, 21)

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