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  • Isaac therefore called Jacob, greeted him with a blessing, and charged him: "You shall not marry a Canaanite woman! (Genesis 28, 1)

  • Then Isaac sent Jacob on his way; he went to Paddan-aram, to Laban, son of Bethuel the Aramean, and brother of Rebekah, the mother of Jacob and Esau. (Genesis 28, 5)

  • Esau noted that Isaac had blessed Jacob when he sent him to Paddan-aram to get himself a wife there, charging him, as he gave him his blessing, not to marry a Canaanite woman, (Genesis 28, 6)

  • and that Jacob had obeyed his father and mother and gone to Paddan-aram. (Genesis 28, 7)

  • Jacob departed from Beer-sheba and proceeded toward Haran. (Genesis 28, 10)

  • When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he exclaimed, "Truly, the LORD is in this spot, although I did not know it!" (Genesis 28, 16)

  • Early the next morning Jacob took the stone that he had put under his head, set it up as a memorial stone, and poured oil on top of it. (Genesis 28, 18)

  • Jacob then made this vow: "If God remains with me, to protect me on this journey I am making and to give me enough bread to eat and clothing to wear, (Genesis 28, 20)

  • After Jacob resumed his journey, he came to the land of the Easterners. (Genesis 29, 1)

  • Jacob said to them, "Friends, where are you from?" "We are from Haran," they replied. (Genesis 29, 4)

  • As soon as Jacob saw Rachel, the daughter of his uncle Laban, with the sheep of his uncle Laban, he went up, rolled the stone away from the mouth of the well, and watered his uncle's sheep. (Genesis 29, 10)

  • Then Jacob kissed Rachel and burst into tears. (Genesis 29, 11)

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