Löydetty 113 Tulokset: incense

  • oil to prepare lights, aromatics as ointments and sweet-smelling incense, (Exodus 25, 6)

  • “You shall also make an altar, for the burning of incense, from setim wood, (Exodus 30, 1)

  • And Aaron shall burn incense upon it, a sweet fragrance, in the morning. When he lights the lamps, he shall burn it. (Exodus 30, 7)

  • And when he assembles them in the evening, he shall burn an everlasting incense before the Lord throughout your generations. (Exodus 30, 8)

  • You shall not offer upon it incense of another composition, nor an oblation, nor a victim; neither shall you offer libations. (Exodus 30, 9)

  • when they enter the tabernacle of the testimony, and when they approach to the altar so as to offer incense to the Lord upon it, (Exodus 30, 20)

  • and the table with its vessels, and the lampstand and it utensils, the altars of incense (Exodus 30, 27)

  • And you shall make incense composed with the skills of a perfumer, diligently mixed, and pure, and most worthy of sanctification. (Exodus 30, 35)

  • And when you have crushed all these into a very fine powder, you shall place some of it before the tabernacle of the testimony, in the place where I will appear to you. The Holy of holies shall this incense be to you. (Exodus 30, 36)

  • and the table and its vessels, the most pure lampstand with its vessels, and the altars of incense (Exodus 31, 8)

  • the oil of unction, and the incense of aromatics in the Sanctuary. All the things that I have instructed you, they shall make.” (Exodus 31, 11)

  • and oil to prepare lights and to produce ointment, and most sweet incense, (Exodus 35, 8)

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