Löydetty 2237 Tulokset: King

  • Adonizedek king of Jerusalem came to know how Joshua had conquered and leveled Ai, doing to it and its king what he had done to Jericho and its king. He also knew how the Gibeonites had made peace with the Israelites and were living in their midst. (Joshua 10, 1)

  • In view of this, Adonizedek sent for Hoham king of Hebron, for Aram king of Jarmuth, for Japhia king of Lachish and for Debir king of Eglon saying: (Joshua 10, 3)

  • On that same day Joshua seized Makkedah. He slew its king and its inhabitants. And he consecrated it and all that was in it in anathema to Yahweh, without sparing anyone. The king suffered the same fate as did the king of Jericho. (Joshua 10, 28)

  • Yahweh gave the city and its king to the Israelites, and they put to the sword all its inhabitants without sparing anyone. The king met the same fate as the king of Jericho. (Joshua 10, 30)

  • Yahweh also gave them this city and its king and inhabitants suffered the same fate as Libnah. (Joshua 10, 32)

  • Then Horam king of Gezer came to help Lachish but Joshua destroyed him together with all his people without leaving anyone alive. (Joshua 10, 33)

  • The king and the inhabitants of Eglon were also put to death by the sword. They consecrated the city in anathema as they had done to Lachish. (Joshua 10, 35)

  • all the towns which were subject to it, put to the sword its king and all its inhabitants, without letting anyone survive. He consecrated it in anathema as he had dealt with Eglon. (Joshua 10, 37)

  • He put to the sword its king and inhabitants, consecrating them in anathema, without sparing anyone. Debir and its king received the same punishment as Hebron and Libnah. (Joshua 10, 39)

  • When Jabin king of Hazor came to know all this, he sent ambassadors to Jobab king of Madon, to the king of Shimron, to the king of Achshaph, (Joshua 11, 1)

  • At once Joshua turned back and conquered Hazor, and killed its king. At that time, Hazor was the capital of all those kingdoms. (Joshua 11, 10)

  • Sihon, king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon, and ruled from Aroer, which is on the edge of the Arnon (the border was at the middle of the valley), as far as the Jabbok river, that was the boundary with the Ammonites. (Joshua 12, 2)

“A pessoa que nunca medita é como alguém que nunca se olha no espelho e, assim, não se cuida e sai desarrumada. A pessoa que medita e dirige seus pensamentos a Deus, que é o espelho de sua alma, procura conhecer seus defeitos, tenta corrigi-los, modera seus impulsos e põe em ordem sua consciência.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina