Löydetty 211 Tulokset: morning

  • On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning and a dense cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast was heard. All the people in the camp trembled. (Exodus 19, 16)

  • Do not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leavened bread or let the fat of my feast remain until morning. (Exodus 23, 18)

  • Moses wrote down all the words of Yahweh, then rose early in the morning and built an altar at the foot of the mountain with twelve raised stones for the twelve tribes of Israel. (Exodus 24, 4)

  • Aaron and his sons are to set this flame in the Tent of Meeting, outside the veil that is before the Statement. It must burn there before Yahweh from evening to morning perpetually. This command is to be kept forever by the people of Israel. (Exodus 27, 21)

  • If any of the meat from the ordination sacrifice, or the bread, should be left till morning, you must put what is left in the fire. It is not to be eaten; it is a holy thing. (Exodus 29, 34)

  • The first lamb you must offer in the morning, the second in the evening twilight. (Exodus 29, 39)

  • The second lamb you must offer in the evening twilight; do this with the same amounts of flour, olive oil and wine as in the morning. This is a sweet-smelling offering which pleases Yahweh. (Exodus 29, 41)

  • On this altar Aaron must burn fragrant incense each morning when he prepares the lamps, (Exodus 30, 7)

  • Be ready in the morning and come up to Mount Sinai and wait for me on the top of the mountain. (Exodus 34, 2)

  • So Moses cut two slabs of stone like the first. Then he rose early in the morning and went up Mount Sinai as Yahweh had commanded, taking in his hands the two slabs of stone. (Exodus 34, 4)

  • Do not offer the blood of a sacrifice to me together with leavened bread and do not let anything from the Passover Feast remain until morning. (Exodus 34, 25)

  • They received from Moses all that the people of Israel had brought as contributions for the work of building the sanctuary. In the meantime, the people continued each morning to bring their offerings. (Exodus 36, 3)

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