Löydetty 346 Tulokset: Jews

  • These are the days which shall never be forgot: and which all provinces in the whole world shall celebrate throughout all generations: neither is there any city wherein the days of Phurim, that is, of lots, must not be observed by the Jews, and by their posterity, which is bound to these ceremonies. (Esther 9, 28)

  • And they sent to all the Jews that were in the hundred and twenty-seven provinces of king Assuerus, that they should have peace, and receive truth, (Esther 9, 30)

  • And how Mardochai of the race of the Jews, was next after king Assuerus: and great among the Jews, and acceptable to the people of his brethren, seeking the good of his people, and speaking those things which were for the welfare of his seed. (Esther 10, 3)

  • The nations that were assembled are they that endeavoured to destroy the name of the Jews. (Esther 10, 8)

  • But we have found that the Jews, who were by that most wicked man appointed to be slain, are in no fault at all, but contrariwise, use just laws, (Esther 16, 15)

  • But this edict, which we now send, shall be published in all cities, that the Jews may freely follow their own laws. (Esther 16, 19)

  • That they might come upon the camp of the Jews, and strike them suddenly: and the men that were of the castle were their guides. (1 Maccabees 4, 2)

  • And when Lysias saw that his men were put to flight, and how bold the Jews were, and that they were ready either to live, or to die manfully, he went to Antioch, and chose soldiers, that they might come again into Judea with greater numbers. (1 Maccabees 4, 35)

  • And that Lysias went with a very great power, and was put to flight before the face of the Jews, and that thy were grown strong by the armour, and power, and store of spoils, which they had gotten out of the camps which they had destroyed: (1 Maccabees 6, 6)

  • Judas Machabeus, and his brethren, and the people of the Jews have sent us to you, to make alliance and peace with you, and that we may be registered your confederates and friends. (1 Maccabees 8, 20)

  • GOOD SUCCESS BE TO THE ROMANS, and to the people of the Jews, by sea and by land for ever: and far be the sword and enemy from them. (1 Maccabees 8, 23)

  • The nation of the Jews shall help them according as the time shall direct, with all their heart: (1 Maccabees 8, 25)

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