Löydetty 2060 Tulokset: People

  • And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed. (Genesis 11, 6)

  • And he brought back all the substance, and Lot his brother, with his substance, the women also the people. (Genesis 14, 16)

  • The male, whose dash of his foreskin shall not be circumcised, that soul shall be destroyed out of his people: because he hath broken my covenant. (Genesis 17, 14)

  • And I will bless her, and of her I will give thee a son, whom I will bless, and he shell become nations, and kings of people shall spring from him. (Genesis 17, 16)

  • But before they went to bed, the men of the city beset the house both young and old, all the people together. (Genesis 19, 4)

  • The younger also bore a son, and called his name Ammon, that is, the son of my people: he is the father of the Ammonites unto this day. (Genesis 19, 38)

  • Abraham rose up, and bowed down to the people of the land, to wit the children of Heth: (Genesis 23, 7)

  • Let it not be so, my lord, but do thou rather hearken to what I say: The field I deliver to thee, and the cave that is therein, in the presence of the children of my people, bury thy dead. (Genesis 23, 11)

  • Abraham bowed down before the people of the land, (Genesis 23, 12)

  • And he spoke to Ephron, in the presence of the people: I beseech thee to hear me: I will give money for the field: take it, and so I will bury my dead in it. (Genesis 23, 13)

  • And decaying he died in a good old age, and having lived a long time, and being full of days: and was gathered to his people. (Genesis 25, 8)

  • And the years of Ismael's life were a hundred and thirty-seven, and decaying he died, and was gathered unto his people. (Genesis 25, 17)

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