Löydetty 149 Tulokset: knowledge

  • 'Since that is what you want,' God said to Solomon, 'since you have asked, not for riches, treasure, honour, the lives of your enemies, or even for a long life, but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people of whom I have made you king, (2 Chronicles 1, 11)

  • therefore wisdom and knowledge are granted you. I give you riches too, and treasure, and honour such as no king had before you and none will have after you.' (2 Chronicles 1, 12)

  • The other replied, 'Certainly I do, I have been there many times; I have knowledge and experience of all the ways. I have often been to Media and stayed with Gabael one of our kinsmen who lives at Rhages in Media. It usually takes two full days to get from Ecbatana to Rhages; Rhages lies in the mountains, and Ecbatana is in the middle of the plain.' (Tobit 5, 6)

  • What knowledge do you have that we have not, what understanding that is not ours too? (Job 15, 9)

  • 'Job's words are spoken without any knowledge, what he says shows no intelligence. (Job 34, 35)

  • Yes, the greatness of God exceeds our knowledge, the number of his years is past counting. (Job 36, 26)

  • day discourses of it to day, night to night hands on the knowledge. (Psalms 19, 2)

  • saying, 'How can God know? What knowledge can the Most High have?' (Psalms 73, 11)

  • Teach me judgement and knowledge, for I rely on your commandments. (Psalms 119, 66)

  • Such amazing knowledge is beyond me, a height to which I cannot attain. (Psalms 139, 6)

  • But the time came when Alexander took to his bed, in the knowledge that he was dying. (1 Maccabees 1, 5)

  • Now that this has come to our knowledge, we shall be obliged if you will send us news of your welfare. (1 Maccabees 12, 22)

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